John Scott

I last bought the Monty solution in June 2017 and was really impressed with how well it worked. Well, over Xmas I felt that the patio and driveway needed another dose of Monty Solution and so I bought 4 x 5L bottles and once again the patio and driveway are as good as new. I have also started to use it on my decking, railway sleeper steps and garden furniture and whereas I thought I might have to replace the decking, the results so far, have shown me that I might not have to replace anything. So for me, it has actually saved me money as it would have been all too easy to rip up the old decking and replace it. We suffer heavily from Black Spot and various Lichen organisms and the Monty Solution gets rid of all of it. I admit I do use the karcher to rinse it off but that is my personal preference.

We had my sister and her husband visit us over Xmas and he saw the results as I was cleaning the patio and as I only needed 3 of the 5L bottles, I have given, or did he just take it, my brother-in-law a bottle to use on his driveway back home. My only disappointment is that I should have taken before and after pictures. Perhaps in a year or so, when I need to clean it again, I will do just that.