Save Time & Money On Seasonal Maintenance With Monty Sealer

Lasts Up To 10 Years – Guaranteed

Prolonging the lifespan of our outdoor surfaces can be a challenge, especially now that we have much milder Winters, the humidity is a breeding ground for Moss, Algae & Blackspots (Lichens) to mention just a few organic infections.

Without frosty Winters to kill everything off and keep these growths at bay, we need to replace this job with a man made substance since the winter months can no longer take care of this for us, we risk the lifespan of our patios, driveways and wooden fencing deteriorating much quicker, eventually, some infections get so bad we feel we should replace our patio, but there is simply no need to go to these lengths or costs. In under ten minutes, we can have a very poorly looking surface clean and back to its original lustre, but how do we preserve the work we’ve just done?

Springtime & the Summer months is an ideal time to prepare the surface to keep the germination process at bay, spores are constantly trying to bed into your garden and start breeding, and humid Winter months help to accelerate the problems for Moss Algae & Lichens.

In order to slow this process down and preserve your garden surfaces especially after a deep clean with Monty Cleaner, we can now apply Monty Sealer to disrupt the breeding process.

We developed our Sealer to work similar to a spider’s abdomen (Sorry to everyone who has a dislike for spiders) but they came in pretty handy during our development! 

You see, under a microscope, you can see millions of tiny hairs on a spider, and this is the same process our Sealer went through. We developed the nano (tiny) particles to drop into the pores of any surface, and start to repel anything trying to get into your patio, walls or fencing, just like a spider, each particle has millions of hair like follicles, which keeps those little blighters off your surface. So from polluted rain water, to organic growths, Monty Sealer won’t allow anything into the surface to start causing it damage. This also means that in the Winter months when everything takes more of a beating, you’re preserving your investment for much longer and since no algae can move in, your surfaces will be slip free too…

It also means that the maintenance of your garden is minimal, after the leaves have fallen in October for example, you’ll only have to rinse your garden with warm soapy water and the job is done. Of course you could use Monty Top-Up cleaner for those of you who are fans, but it’s not really necessary, your Sealer is working all year round 24/7 so you can get on with the important stuff!

This video demonstrates our Sealer keeping water away from soaking into your surface, so if it’s doing that with water, you can believe it’s doing that with spores too. Your Monty Sealer can be used on every hard surface outside, including house walls, patios, decking, wood, paving & driveways.

Why Use Monty Sealer

A deep clean with Monty Cleaner lasts around 12 – 18 months. Monty Sealer helps extend the life of your clean surface by sealing it and protecting for up to 3 years before a top up clean is needed. Monty Sealer will continue to protect for up to 10 years.

  • Save time & money on seasonal maintenance.
  • Reduce staining and grime build up
  • Eliminate bacteria forming
  • Help prevent and reduce efflorescence build-up
  • Stops surfaces from cracking caused by expanding & contracting due to frost.
  • Lasts for up to 10 years – Guaranteed.
  • Stops contaminants & rain pollution or spores in the air getting into the sub structure & causing damage from the inside.
  • Buys time to wipe the surface should spills or oil leaks occur.

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