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Monty Cleaner eliminates biological contaminants within the tiny cracks and crevices of stone or man-made materials like concrete and tarmac, so they can’t immediately grow back. 5L Monty Cleaner Covers 20 – 25 Square Meters. 

Use Monty Sealer to protect your surface for up to 10 years. 5L Monty Sealer Covers 35 – 40 Square Meters.

Monty Top-UP to keep everything stunning and won’t break down your Monty Sealer. Monty Top – Up Covers 20 – 25 Square Meters.

Monty Grass Cleaner to protect your investments for longer, clean sanitize and kill bugs and does not make your grass brittle. Monty Grass Cleaner 9 Parts Water 1 Part Monty – So goes a long way.

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