Monty Instant Outdoor Patio Cleaner

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Monty Patio Cleaner can be stored for up to 18 months so grab a bargain now. Do your Clean up with no fuss and no need to pressure wash. Keep safe during winter by using Monty Cleaner for a slip-free garden. Get Monty Sealer to protect you for up to ten years! 

Buy 3 x 5L Get One Bottle FREE! Buy 4 x 5L Get Two Bottles FREE! If Your Free Offer Is Not Showing AT Checkout, Don’t Worry, We’ll automatically send your Free Monty Patio Cleaner.

5L of Monty Cleaner Covers 20 – 25 Square Meters.

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Monty Instant Outdoor Patio Cleaner Effectively Cleans Exterior Surfaces Fast, Without The Need For Damaging Pressure Washing. We Really Do Mean Fast, Done within 10 Minutes, No Pressure, The Most Powerful Outdoor Cleaner But Kind To Surfaces & Environment. We’ve Got You Covered.

Monty Solution can be used on:

  • Brick & Block Paving
  • Natural & Indian Stone
  • Tarmac & Concrete
  • Artificial Stone
  • Roof tiles & Slates
  • Canopies & Shelters
  • Ornamental Ceramics
  • Plastic, Wood & Metal
  • Fencing & Decking
  • K Rend
  • Pretty Much Anything You Can See Outside 🙂


Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 13 × 14 cm

32 reviews for Monty Instant Outdoor Patio Cleaner

  1. David Rhodes, Bradford

    In the past we have had our drive patio jet washed and the finish was poor compared to your new process. Thanks!

  2. John P, South Wales

    I was a bit sceptical when I saw the promo so only ordered 2 x 5lts to compare with previous products. Once I got the hang of how to use properly great results , very happy not having to use a pressure washer and disturb the sand inlay of my block paving. So happy so placed my second order which will enable me to complete the whole bricks on my retaining wall. well done Monty I can truly recommend.

  3. Scott N

    This stuff is truly amazing, I have always spent hours jetspraying the life out of my patio. 15 min and this had done a better job than hours of jet spraying! Can’t recommend the stuff enough!

  4. Darren Tye

    An excellent product, it really is as easy to use as the demo video guides suggest and the results are fantastic, having jet washed my patio a few times I was increasingly disappointed with results. Monty Solution has restored my patio to new, blackspot is removed in minutes and so good to see the original colours of the stones return! Great service also, a very efficient and friendly team! Many thanks

  5. Carl C

    I lived in my house for over 20 years and the back garden wall would never come clean with jet washing,
    But used Monty today and it stared cleaning as soon as it made contact with the stone wall the dirt was disappearing
    before my eyes its the cleanest I have ever seen the wall ever, last time it was like this it must have been when it was first built,
    Cleaned garden furniture back to when new unbelievable results,
    you can read all the reviews you like but the only way to believe in the product is try it and I promise you will not be disappointed, and much cheaper than buying new garden furniture I can not tell the difference from when I first purchased the Table chairs and sun bed
    all Teak wood all cleaned in one hour 8 chairs

  6. John P South Wales

    bit sceptical when I saw the promo so only ordered 2 x 5lts to compare with previous products
    once I got the hang of how to use properly great results , very happy not having to use a pressure washer and disturb the sand inlay of my block paving
    So happy so placed my second order which will enable me to complete the whole bricks on my retaining wall
    Well done Monty can truly recommend

  7. Eric Heap

    I have to say your product has exceeded all my expectations, my patio slabs were a dull grey colour, no amount of pressure washing had any effect. One treatment with Monty transformed them, a second treatment brought them back like new, and they’ve been down over twenty years.

  8. Jo Halliwell

    Bought this solution to use on our steps / front patio – came up great – pretty easy to use although I did find it easier to wash it off with a jet wash – brought it up really well – would definitely recommend and will be buying more!

  9. Norman Longridge

    Having spent quite a lot of money to contractors to have my patio and garden paths mechanically cleaned,I decided to be prepared for when it next needs done.
    I have tried many products before without much success so ordering some Monty solution was my last fling at cleaning the property myself.
    As my paths and patio were clean I took the Monty solution to friends and relations to try.I was very surprised at how easy and effective the Monty solution was to use. On all the surfaces I tried the cleaning effect was brilliant.
    Not only will I be ordering more so will my friends

  10. Colin wild

    I was very sceptical when I first came across this product and wondered if what I saw was what I was going to receive, this product is first class and removed the staining that was on my sandstone paving I couldn’t believe my eyes it literally started to remove it in front of my eyes.
    Don’t hesitate get this product you will not be disappointed
    I need some more and will be happy purchasing again and have recommended this to a couple of friends who are also going to purchase

  11. Jasper Magloyden.

    Like most people jet washing is a long arduous job I have tried an abundance of cleaning products that are on the market with no success until I found Monty Miracle Solutions, what a superb product, so-so easy to use it just takes out all of the hard work of the task ahead and leaves a superb finish at the end of the job, plus backed up by a Brilliant Customer Service support that are working in the background. Thanks for your help Lynn and Martin, speak soon.

  12. Tom Storey

    What an excellent product, having jet washed our paving slabs (patio) for numerous years and always failing to get rid of the black spots, today we have success. No mud splattered up the house / windows either. As others have said, I was sceptical at first but there was no need to be as ‘it does what it says on the tin’ – just follow the instructions, I found the videos on YouTube useful. I have just ordered some more to complete the job and also tackle the drive.

  13. Cathy T

    Getting older and looking for ways to make life easier
    Fed up with mess and effort in jet washing despite purchasing latest model appliance
    This product does all it says and I would recommend to anyone and have already done so to numerous acquaintances
    Will purchase every year

  14. Bob Taylor

    Monty cleaning solution is an excellent product. My concrete path was covered with black spots and green algae. It removed both in a few minutes. The video is worth watching, that’s what made me purchase it.

  15. Colin green

    The Ronseal of patio cleaners,” it does exactly what it say on the video” , no twenty minutes a flag with the pressure wash, 15 minutes full patio and yard like new, this has got to be the best on the market, if it’s not i’ll give your money back ha ha.

  16. Ian Longbottom

    Tried hard to find a product that would remove the black spots from my Indian stone patio & drive area to no avail. I used a pressure washer with detergent but this had no effect. One application of Monty Solution however did the trick. I am absolutely thrilled with the results.

  17. M. Yavari

    This is a miracle product. Fantastic result does not need any recommendations. If you buy ones you always buy it.

  18. Richard Stones

    I hoped Monty would help me avoid all the mess that pressure washing causes, and I’m happy to say it does. I have not tried it on the main area of patio slabs yet just half a dozen or so behind my shed which were as green as grass, they are now looking so much better. It was a simple process just spray on leave for 5 mins,agitate with a soft brush and then rinse off with hose or watering can.
    Can’t see there will be any problems when I come to do the main area, a great product.

  19. Steven Gould

    I initially bought four containers (free postage) of Monty to see if it was as good as described and up to the job of cleaning my rather large paved area around the house and patio. Well, all I can say is that it was easy to use and surprised me as to just how effective it was. As a consequence, another 10 containers were swiftly ordered so that the job could be completed. The paved area and patio look like new! Not the cheapest product but it does do what it say’s on the tin!

  20. A Rihal

    Five years ago we built a new Indian sandstone patio which sadly was infested with lichen black spots. Unfortunately, we were unable to remove these black spots although we tried various solutions.

    After enhanced Internet search I came across Monty solution website.
    At first I was very sceptical due to the cost of the product which was half the price of a similar product on the market. I also saw their demonstration video that seemed to me too good to be true: so effortless to apply and the results were just amazing!
    I was very reluctant to order the Monty solution at first but after a brief discussion with their technical department I was convinced to try the product.
    Delivery was very prompt. Applied the solution as per instructions.
    The spots vanished with ease and also restored the natural colour back into the sandstone. The solution is so effective, it’s just amazing.
    I am very happy with the results. Would definitely recommend this product.

  21. Ian Scholan

    What a great product, no fuss, apply, rinse and hey presto, if carling did cleaning solution then this would be it, great job guys and Lynn , communication was second to none

  22. Dr P Singh

    Having tried almost everything to clean black spot left by lichens on the Indian sandstone Monty has done a miracle in one go. It has given me piece of mind for couple of years and now I know what to do next time.
    Thanks to Monty cleaner

  23. Gareth Thomas

    I was very impressed. It does what it says. Years of weather staining on my concrete and brick patio made it look terrible. Monty is the perfect solution to get rid of all the marks. Excellent. Just ordered some more.

  24. Andris

    Brilliant product. I couldn’t believe, but it really works as in an advert. Well done guys. Thanks.

  25. Elizabeth Melling (verified owner)

    For years I have been trying in vain to remove black grime off my sandstone. Some in my street had been jet washing it off, but that damaged it. I have used neat bleach and that didn’t work. So while on youtube I came across Monty solution demos. At first I was very sceptical, but it seemed to work like magic. I decided to give it a go and all I can say is OMG it is amazing. All I did was pour it into a hand pump sprayer and spray all over and before my eyes the dirt vanished. I am so impressed as no effort was needed!!! Now my neighbours want theirs cleaned.

  26. Karin Connor

    I was a little doubtful as I had used products before promising great results which never happend.

    I thought I would give Monty Miracle a try and WOW, the difference was quite unbelievable and NO messy jet washing needed. I have already had comments from my neighbours and I only did it some hours ago. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  27. robertkeene93 (verified owner)

    Great product works really well and patio looks like new ,had some stubborn areas but treated twice and good as new .Very competitive price and great delivery.

  28. Carole (verified owner)

    I agree wholeheartedly with all other reviews. Lynn is fabulous. They don’t pay her enough whatever it is. She’s brilliant. Goes the extra mile. My 20+ year old patio looks like it just got laid. I have to say I had the best success by jet washing first to get rid of surface dirt and then using the product. It does cost a few bob after all. I worked on a dry day and diluted about 1 water to 2 solution and had better success as I was able to saturate better and not worry about the cost so much. You will find your own way with it as you use it. I’ve done the whole patio now and still some lichen apparent. I will have another go tomorrow using the product neat on the heavily infested areas. Lynn told me it keeps working after rinsing so expect a slightly better look tomorrow if that’s possible. Honestly stop thinking about it and put your order in. You will not be disappointed. It’s great stuff. Oh yes and wear wellies, old clothes eye protection. It’s pretty strong stuff.

  29. Phil Woodward (verified owner)

    What a superb product, effortlessly removing 20 years of dirt n grime on a very dirty block paved driveway. No scrubbing, minimal water usage, and no damage to sand between blocks. I initially only ordered enough to try out the product but I will be ordering more to complete the whole driveway now as the product is fantastic. I would highly recommend this to clean block paving.

  30. Ken Johnston (verified owner)

    15 years worth of dirt, moss stains, etc. Paving was actually black. So nothing to lose other than ££s, I tried Monty. By crikey it does what it says. My paving is now white again, moss stains gone, and with very little effort. I just made sure I did it on a dull day to give Monty time to work. Brilliant stuff.

  31. Ann (verified owner)

    I love this cleaner wouldn’t be without it .
    I have recommended Monty cleaner to all my friends .

  32. Jonathan Smith (verified owner)

    I am very sceptical of anything that claims to give amazing results…. however, I am amazed by the difference and how quick the product worked, I had to go over a couple of places twice but it’s so easy that didn’t concern me. I have ordered another bottle so I can test it on the front and clean up my decking.

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