Patio Cleaner

Patio Cleaner

The best and fastest Patio Cleaner on the market for removing moss, algae, lichen, black spot & many more organic stains.

Monty Miracle is simply the best patio cleaner to remove dirt, grime, mold, mildew, algae, lichen, moss, fungal growth, black spot and many more organic stains.

Our block paving cleaner is simply the fastest way of cleaning and removing organic growth from the dirtiest of block paved patios from brick or concrete to natural stone, indian stone or even tarmac.

Monty Miracle patio cleaner is also safe to use on plastic, wood and metal so don’t forget you can clean up the garden swings and slides too!

Damage free patio cleaning

The best way to clean your patio and bring it back to life.

Cleaning your patio can be a difficult and time consuming job if you are not using the best patio cleaner for the job. Using harmful power jet washing methods can also cause you more problems as this method is naturally aggressive and can damage you patio surface.

Cleaning natural stone patios also brings up additional challenges as these patio surfaces in particular have a porous surface which is the perfect environment for the spread of moss, algae, mould and lichen and other organic growth. Using an effective damage free patio cleaner such as Monty Patio Cleaner is a must if you want to make your paving slabs or block paved patio look like new and stay cleaner for longer.

Monty Patio Cleaner works on all patio surfaces, including those that are extremely dirty and covered in patio black spot, a very aggressive form of lichen. If you are looking for a patio cleaner which can remove the most stubborn and ingrained dirt within minutes, then look no further.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out our customer reviews, cleaning examples, FAQ’s and youtube videos for further information. If have a question we’ve not covered, get in touch. You can call us, email us or get in touch via social media.

Patio cleaning video examples

Monty Patio Cleaning – So Easy, Even A Teenager Can Do It!
See A Customer Reviewing Monty Miracle Patio Cleaner
A Customer Removes Black Spot From Indian Stone With Monty Patio Cleaner
More Black Spot Bites the Dust With Monty Patio Cleaner!
Removing Autumn Stains From A Patio With Monty Miracle Patio Cleaner
Monty Miracle Patio Cleaner Comes To The Rescue After Other Products Fail
Restoring A Concrete Patio With Monty Miracle Patio Cleaner
A Customer Tackles An Extremely Dirty Patio With Monty Miracle Patio Cleaner
A Slippery Dirty Patio Made Safe Again Using Monty Miracle Patio Cleaner

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Amazing Results!

Monty Cleaner is not just for Patios. Use the slider (click, hold and drag) to see how Monty Cleaner has made a difference to a memorial stone.

Brick & Block Paving

Driveways, Patios & walls.

Natural Stone, Indian Stone, Limestone, Slate

Walls, K Rend, facings, flags and ornamental stone.

Tarmac & Concrete

All surfaces including paths, paving & driveways.

Artificial Stone

All moulded and synthetic stone surfaces.

Roof tiles & Slates

All roofing tiles, slates & chimney pots.

Canopies & Shelters

Perspex & metal Shelters.

Ornamental Ceramics

Enhance your ornamental ceramics and decorate figurines.

Plastic, Wood & Metal

Garden furniture & Slides etc.

Fencing & Decking

Garden fences, Sheds & decking areas

The Miracle In a Bottle

Turn the most stubborn cleaning jobs into minutes not hours.