Monty’s Miracle: Manufacturing Champions


Monty’s Miracle has been selected to join a prestigious business mentoring scheme which seeks to support SMEs and help them to develop their full potential through expert guidance provided by a team of manufacturing specialists.

The Manufacturing Champions programme operates across the Leeds City region and is delivered by the University of Huddersfield. It was originally formed when the Manufacturing Advisory Service was disbanded back in 2014, and uses established manufacturing expertise to help businesses develop strong and effective growth and development strategies.

Only 55 companies have been accepted in the Leeds City region, selected on their ability and ambition. It is vital that the selection panel feels the Champions’ knowledge and expertise can make a real difference for these businesses, encouraging them to adopt and implement new ways of working and learning within their business parameters.

Monty’s Miracles was accepted onto the scheme back in June, following a presentation to a panel which included the Head of Business Engagement at Huddersfield University. The first steps for the company include establishment of a strategic vision followed by individual mentored projects, which may involve input from external consultants.

The objective is to develop a business strategy, looking carefully at commercial potential and barriers to growth. Monty Miracle mentors will examine the ambitions for the company and define how the mentoring support can best assist in achieving these objectives.

“The Manufacturing Champions work to help their chosen companies to achieve defined long term goals in line with the potential within their industries,” stated Martin Beaumont, Director at MM. “We’re proud to have been accepted onto the programme and look forward to working closely with the team to learn and to streamline our business strategies.”


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