Fast Delivery As Usual – During COVID-19 Lockdown

The Same Fast Shipping You Love

During COVID-19 Lockdown

At Monty Miracle our work in the chemical industry is critical to Covid-19 response and therefore we are on the critical workers list, so all operational needs are being met, as normal by the team.

This means you can expect fast delivery of Monty Miracle Outdoor Cleaner, but due to the two meter at work rule, this sometimes slows things down at Parcelforce but, we expect 95% of shipped orders to reach you within 24 hours, the latest 48 hours on any working day.

We’re Well Stocked

As all the chemicals used in our Cleaner are manufactured here in the UK, we are fully stocked and we are able to respond to high order volumes.

We would ask you to only get in touch if it is absolutely necessary at this time due to high volumes of orders, phone calls and emails. If you require additional support not found on the website, please get in touch.

Our admin staff are working from home at this time but our warehouse staff are working alongside Parcelforce inline with Government Guidelines.


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