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See how well Monty Cleaner has worked for others

Here are a collection of images that show before and after examples. Monty Cleaner really does have a wide range of uses and the images shown here are only a small selection.

Remember Monty is safe to use on plastic, wood and metal so don’t forget you can clean up the garden swings and slides too!

Exterior Cleaning Solution
Clean Stone Steps

Memorial stone

Clean Stone Steps

Paving stone

Clean Stone Steps

Stone steps

Clean Block Paving

Block paving

Clean Brickwork

House front brickwork

Dirt on Block Paving

Stone Bench & Paving

Block paving

Clean Block Paving Path

Block paving path

Block paving

Clean Stone Wall

Paving & wall

Clean Stone Wall

Stone post & ball

Stone post & ball

Paving including Indian Stone

Clean Roof Tiles

Roof tiles

House front & K Rend

Clean Decking


Wooden fencing

House front

Roof tiles

Wooden fencing

Metal canopy

House front – K Rend

Garden furniture

Amazing Results!

Use the slider (click, hold and drag) to see how Monty Cleaner has made a difference to a memorial stone.


See Monty Cleaner in Action

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