Monty Cleaner – COVID-19 Stopping Power In Less Than 1 Minute!

Monty Outdoor Cleaner

COVID-19 Stopping Power In Less Than 1 Minute!

Monty Miracle would like to take this opportunity to touch base with you all and impart some important information to help you stay as safe as possible during the coming weeks and months ahead.

Staying Safe Outdoors

We are all concerned about staying safe and protecting ourselves by self distancing, but it is often easy to forget that COVID-19 can hang around inanimate surfaces when no other people are around.

Park benches, picnic tables, children’s play areas, outdoor seating, metal handrails, bus shelters, gates, handles etc are just some of the things we can quite easily come into contact with, often without thinking of the consequences.

We’re all currently limiting our outdoor visits and exercise at this time but it is certainly worth remembering what surfaces we come into contact with when we venture out. Additionally over the coming weeks some restrictions may be lifted which means more contact with external surfaces.

How long COVID19 can survive on inanimate surfaces

Results from over 22 medical studies state that COVID-19 can persist on inanimate surfaces, like metal, glass or plastic – even your doorbell for up to 9 days.

On more porous surfaces such as wood, stone, brick, patios, garden furniture and general hard surfaces COVID-19 can persist between 3-5 days.

ECDC & Government information

On 18th February 2020, the European Centre for Disease Control released a circular citing the effective use of Sodium Hypochlorite in combating COVID-19. Sodium Hypochlorite is a base ingredient within Monty Outdoor Cleaner amongst other ingredients.

It is known by the UK, USA & European Governments to effectively destroy Corona Virus within 1 minute of it coming into contact with an infected surface, this means that Monty Outdoor Cleaner will not only clean, but sanitise your surfaces and destroy the virus.

Your Outdoor Services

You can ensure your own outdoor surfaces are completely safe with Monty Outdoor Cleaner within 1 minute. Waiting 9 minutes more, they will be super clean to boot!

For essential businesses who are currently limiting visitor entrance, you will obviously need to consider customer safety and what your customers may come into contact with while they wait outdoors.

Monty Outdoor cleaner is the perfect solution to ensure your exterior surfaces are not only super clean, but 100% safe from any harmful bacteria or viruses.

Keeping you updated

Please be assured that we are doing everything possible to keep abreast of new developments as they unfold and supplementary verified information becomes available.

Should you require further information in the interim period, please feel free to drop us an email, and we will attend to your query as quickly and efficiently as possible. We remain fully operational during this time.

In the meantime, we would like to sincerely thank all our Monty Miracle customers, for your unwavering support of our business and products to date, and we will stand united in facing this current pandemic with applied knowledge and faith that we will all pull through.

Your family and communities are in our thoughts at all times, and we will keep you abreast of progress from time to time as the weeks ahead unfold.

Stay Safe….
The Monty Miracle Team!


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