Understand how far Monty Patio Cleaner goes and how much you’ll need

Tips to help you calculate your cleaning area

It’s often difficult to understand how large an area is without measuring. One 5 litre bottle of Monty Cleaner will cover 25 square metres. You can pace out the length and width of your area and multiply them to get an approximate idea. An average stride is 1 metre, so if your driveway is 4 strides by 6 then this would be 24 square metres and one bottle of Monty Cleaner would be all you will need, for example.

If you are currently not near your home, a common car like a Volkswagen Golf Hatchback has a footprint of around 8.5 square metres. With this in mind, you may be able to get a rough idea of the area you need to cover by thinking how many cars would be able to park in the area your need to clean.

Example areas

All driveways, patio areas & pathways are different. This information is here for a guide only and we cannot be held responsible for the accuracy. The best way is always to accurately measure the area you would like to clean.

1 Bottle (5 litre)

25sqm Approx 2.5 VW Golf Cars

3 Bottles (5 litre)

75sqm Approx 2.5 VW Golf Cars

5 Bottles (5 litre)

125sqm Approx 2.5 VW Golf Cars

What our customers say

The results from Monty Cleaner are often described as miraculous. The best testimony is from those that have experienced it for themselves.

Having seen so many different brands of " black spot remover ", all claiming to remove spots wherever but not delivering the goods I was very sceptical. I think the main complaint was that other products didn't work on STONE PAVING, which we have a lot of.
Excuse my french but Monty is bloody good stuff - I was totally amazed. Anyway, going to order the " buy 4 x 5L and get 2 free " today.

Mr Armitage

I can only endorse what others have said regarding the effectiveness of this amazing product. Our block paved drive had accumulated 25 years of grime and the reddish stones were an unattractive dark shade of grey. I searched for an alternative to messy and destructive pressure washing and found Monty. One bottle did approximately 24 square metres with ease and the result is truly outstanding. Our patio at the rear has never looked better, with almost all of the black spot eliminated and our stone tubs look like new. Monty is so easy to use and I would recommend the solution without hesitation.

N Curtain

After seeing a few reviews & videos I rang the company for extra advice. Lynn was extremely helpful, hence I ordered product. Delivery was so quick with text updates. Me & my partner found the cleaner to be absolutely amazing. So easy to use with little effort. We love our revived clean patio. Already recommended to friends & family.

Ms L Fisher

This product does what is say's on the tin.  It's absolutely fantastic, fabulous and as l said in the title" Brilliant".

Please trust this product it really does work...just follow the instructions and believe in the hype around the Monty Miracle product.

I have attached pictures to show end results ( l can't believe I forgot to take before sorry)

John G

Delighted with the results obtained by using your excellent cleaner.  The photo speaks for itself.
Many, many thanks !!

D Platts

This stuff is truly amazing, I have always spent hours jet spraying the life out of my patio. 15 min and this had done a better job than hours of jet spraying! Can't recommend the stuff enough!

Scott N

The Ronseal of patio cleaners, it does exactly what it says on the video, no twenty minutes a flag with the pressure wash, 15 minutes full patio and yard like new, this has got to be the best on the market, if it's not I'll give your money back ha ha.

Colin Green

Tried hard to find a product that would remove the black spots from my Indian stone patio & drive area to no avail. I used a pressure washer with detergent but this had no effect. One application of Monty Solution however did the trick. I am absolutely thrilled with the results.

What a great product, no fuss, apply, rinse and hey presto. If Carling did cleaning solution then this would be it, great job guys.

I was very impressed. It does what it says. Years of weather staining on my concrete and brick patio made it look terrible. Monty is the perfect solution to get rid of all the marks. Excellent. Just ordered some more.

Gareth Thomas

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