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Business & Trade

UK & Global Licencing Now Available

Business & Global Trade

Whether you’re looking to start up a stand-alone business here in the UK, Manufacture & Distribute the Monty Cleaning Solution Globally, we’re ready to support, supply and advise on the best licence for you.

We’re all about building that community of reputable cleaning companies throughout the world, and we’ve already helped a good number of people get started in the commercial and domestic exterior cleaning industry. We have the knowledge and industry experience to quickly get you up-to-speed.

We can help you with:

  • Latest safety guidelines
  • The most effective workflows
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Website & branding
  • Training and support
  • Monty Solution and equipment.
  • Geographical Territory

We can help you with

Latest safety guidelines

The most effective workflows

Advertising & marketing

Website & branding

Training & support

Monty solution & equipment

Geographical territory

Trade & business supply

Monty is supplied to trade customers undiluted. The table above shows the expected coverage Monty Cleaner can achieve using our standard dilution methods. Monty is easy to store in 25-litre plastic drums and our applicators & tools are designed to be easy to transport and store.

Once you register your interest with us you’ll receive bulk-order pricing together with price breaks and other incentives. We’ve arranged our order size and price schedules to ensure a very healthy margin for our clients both here in the UK & further afield in this business sector.

Consumer bottle

5 litres, 25sqm

Trade 4 x 25 litre drums

100 litres, 1500sqm

Monty cleaner, your perfect partner

Add to your current business portfolio or start something new. Monty Solution is the perfect business choice for:

Existing business add-on

Changing career


Facilities management companies

Areas available throughout the UK

Global licenses to manufacture

European distribution

Chemical & service industry